November, 13 and 14. Pranic and Arhatic yoga Retreat

Retreat and Yoga Pranic Arhatic Master Choa Kok Sui
Place: Sakya Monastery Tsarpa. Cabreuva – SP.
November, 13th and 14th, 2010.

Come experience the meditations with the blessings of the Bodhisattva Padmasambhava, also known as Bodhisattva Mei Ling, the founder of several Ancient and Modern Esoteric Schools and Tibetan Buddhism
Schedule: 13th from 10:00~20:00 and 14th. from 08h00~16h00.
Meditation on Twin Hearts, Arhatic Yoga Meditation, Meditations of Prosperity and targets (as was done in the retreat from Canada), Super Brain, changing treatments, experiences, questions and social project in Cabreuva City with Pranic Therapy. Bring work material.
Attention: Anyone can join the Twin Hearts Meditation, prosperity (less Kriyashakti), Super Brain and other experience will be offered, provided that confirms the presence in advance. Presence of children alone with responsibility for care.

Contribution: R$ 150.00 for the entire event, with proceeds going to maintain the monastery. That includes the breakfast each morning (Sunday), lunch, dinner, afternoon snack (Saturday and Sunday) and accommodation. Confirmation of registration will be held after receiving 30% of the total, while the rest of the payment shall be made until the first day of the retreat.

Come join to sustainability of the monastery and generate positive material, spiritual and prosperity karma. According to Master Choa, contribute to the monastery and monks generate the immeasurable good karma, because they pray for the welfare and happiness of all sentient beings.

Payment method:Bank Santander (033), ag. 0519, c / c. 13-001185-2. CNPJ: 10.144.610/0001-12. Thupten Tibetan Buddhist Center.
We ask the participant to send the voucher by email for Kika Gadelha . Cancellation until 48 hours before the event.

Accommodations:collective accommodation – Male and females. Participants must bring bedding, bath, pillows and blankets. Attention: There is a limited number of spaces and apartment with double bed and a bunk bed with differentiated value.

Food: Vegetarian, prepared by chef Pushpa based Nepalese and Indian cuisine. For other food or snack at night, please contact us.

Holidays for more days: Call for the availability and values.

Tourism: Cabreuva is a tourist town with waterfalls, and the chocolate factory, on the corner of the Monastery you can by delicious with homemade jams fruit.

Information and registration:
Kika Gardelha. Chief Financial Officer of the Sakya Tsarpa Monastery. (11) 9568-2501

Program information:
Ruth Nobuko Nakabayashi. Teacher of Pranic Therapy. (12) 9191-4923
http: \ \

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Ruth Nakabayashi Hoshina

Ruth foi a primeira terapeuta no Brasil e América Latina a ministrar cursos de Pranic Healing, tendo recebido Kok Sui 3 vezes em Taubaté, interior de São Paulo, onde mantém atendimentos particulares e sociais. A instrutora também realiza cursos em todo o país e no Japão. Ela é formada em Engenharia Civil e em Piano, cursou pós-graduação Lato Sensu em Psicologia Transpessoal e Administração de Recursos Humanos. Atualmente sou mestranda em Saúde no Iamspe-São Paulo e desenvolve estudos sobre Pranic Healing que serão apresentados em sua dissertação. Atende com Feng Shui Prânico, Numerologia, Tarô e atendimento presencial em São Paulo.

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